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Frank Ocean - Endless mp3 album
Soul / Pop
Performer: Frank Ocean
Title: Endless
Year 2016
Genre: Soul / Pop
Rating: 4.9
Votes: 762
MP3 size: 1431 mb
FLAC size: 1486 mb
WMA size: 1469 mb

Frank Ocean - Endless mp3 album

This is "Endless" by artist Frank Ocean. Endless" was initially released in stems on a livestream in August, 2016.

Endless is a video album by American singer Frank Ocean. Released on August 19, 2016, Endless was Ocean's last release with the record label Def Jam Recordings to fulfill his recording contract. Endless was distributed exclusively through Apple Music as a streaming-only video and was followed by the August 20 release of Ocean's second studio album, Blonde. Endless was later remastered and reissued on CD and vinyl on April 10, 2018, almost two years after its premiere.

Endless was a short film released by Frank Ocean on August 19th, 2016, shortly followed by his long-awaited second studio album Blonde. The visual album fulfilled Frank’s record deal with label Def Jam Recordings, allowing him to release Blonde under his own label, Boys Don’t Cry, a day after Endless. co on August 1st, 2016. The live stream, which alternated from live to offline over the course of 19 days, featured a focused Frank Ocean who appeared to be constructing something. Physical versions of the album, CD, vinyl and VHS, were put on sale in 2017 on Cyber Monday, mirroring the sale of Blonde physicals the year before on Black Friday. After a delay in shipping the physical versions of Endless began to arrive with Device Control removed from the tracklisting. Portuguese Translation.

R&B singer Frank Ocean has ended months of speculation by releasing an 18-track visual album streaming exclusively on Apple Music. Titled Endless, the record features contributions by James Blake and Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood. It is accompanied by a 45-minute, black and white video of the artist at a working on a construction project. The record appeared early on Friday, almost three years after it was first announced. In a statement, Apple Music said fans should "keep an eye out this weekend for more from Frank".

Frank Ocean’s years-old video album Endless is finally coming to streaming, multiple sources tell Billboard. It's also unclear why the album will be released now, two.

At first, Frank Ocean was simply a great storyteller. Then he became the story-an avatar for all of our fluid modern ideals. He could be the dynamic human of the future, exploding age-old binaries with an eloquent note, melting racial divisions with a devastating turn of phrase or quick flit to falsetto. And this transparency was also expressed in the current campaign’s prolonged rollout, which at one point had fans watching Frank watch paint dry as part of a live stream lead-up to a visual album called Endless. As a piece of filmed entertainment, Endless is painfully dull, and perhaps that’s the point. Or maybe, you know, it’s just really dull.

While everybody was watching Frank Ocean put his live stream back up on the Internet, the singer uploaded a new album to Apple Music as a video project called Endless. You can see it and hear it right here. It's a complete, 46-minute album, including video of what we've been seeing, plus brand new footage. The music was mastered entirely by Mike Dean and mixed by Kanye West's trusty producer/engineer Noah Goldstein

The artist just dropped his latest collection Endless – and we have it here for you to check out! Frank Ocean's new collection includes 19 tracks on 1 disc(s) with total runtime of 38:38.

Frank Ocean – Endless. on August 22, 2016, 12:01am. While Endless makes its visual implications clear, the whopping 18 tracks that soundtrack it muddle his intent. The warehouse becomes static quickly, forcing viewers to focus on countless sounds that could have been otherwise lost in flashy frames: background noises, steam purling out, car engines buzzing, soft backing vocals, gentle bass lines.

Apple says a Frank Ocean visual album called Endless will be out at midnight, keep an eye out this weekend for more from Frank. Joe Coscarelli (oscarelli) August 19, 2016. Is this in addition to Boys Don't Cry or does it replace it? Or is this video simply the film of Frank listening to Boys Don't Cry which would be the most Frank Ocean move yet? Who knows.


Wolfgang Tillmans Device Control
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Frank Ocean Ambience 001: “In A Certain Way”
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Wolfgang Tillmans Device Control


Category Artist Title (Format) Label Category Country Year
none Frank Ocean Endless ‎(File, MPEG-4 Video, Album) Def Jam Recordings none 2016
B01KU5VKY4 Frank Ocean Endless ‎(2xLP, Unofficial, Cle) Def Jam Recordings , Boys Don't Cry B01KU5VKY4 Czech Republic 2016
602557139785 Frank Ocean Endless ‎(2xLP, S/Sided, Album, Etch) Boys Don't Cry 602557139785 US 2018
602557139785 Frank Ocean Endless ‎(CD, Album + DVD, Album) Boys Don't Cry 602557139785 US 2018
STARBOX 011 Frank Ocean Endless ‎(CDr, Album, Ltd, Num, Unofficial) Star Box STARBOX 011 Russia 2018
none Frank Ocean Endless ‎(VHS, Album, NTSC, Whi) Def Jam Recordings none US 2018

Sold mine, it was just so impractical and cumbersome to change the record every side.. really two records for two sides? The etching is cool but whoever designed this obviously doesn’t listen to vinyl.
Taking the disc off of the platter and replacing it with the other disc only takes, at most, 10 seconds more than taking the disc and flipping it over.Perhaps the record was not the problem in this situation...
That’s the reason you sold it? Haha. That’s actually hilarious.
Why can't you afford it, it was for sale for like 29$ I think, and it was up for a whole week on his site.If you really enjoy the artist stay alert for any release, limited or not, vinyl or shirt.I don't see the problem.
but then there are people like me who didn't know about the artist/didn't get into them till later, so they couldn't get it in time. Considering how many are on the aftermarket you would have thought that it would be lower in price by now...
my dumb ass didn't buy it because i wasn't into vinyl at the time, next time he sells something ima buy it asap
Frank, please stop this limited Edition shit and give us Vinyl Releases in Europe normal people can afford also... Everyone here is waiting for it
to get any Frank Ocean physical release is a must if you can and this is no exception. got mine from his black friday week and it was worth the long wait. the sketches, art, music, sound and everything else is awesome. I'm seeing $100+ copies on here for sale and honestly, it's worth it.
hes best album please dont at me vinyl sounds beautiful you must be playing on a bad set up
It's the opposite. It's the people with bad setups that can't tell if it's a bad release or not because they're used to the level of quality that their turntable gets out of releases. More often than not they play the record once without paying attention and make a comment saying "It sounds great on mine! Anyone else here must have something wrong with their turntable" and never play it again.But I'm glad you're showing your ignorance regardless. It helps everyone else know not to take your opinions seriously.
That’s clearly a factor tho I bet half the kids who have this are hipsters with shitty crosley turntables and shitty speakers! Judging by your comment that’s you included
"My copy sounds good so your set-up must be bad!" will never cease to be the dumbest statement ever.
such an amazing album lowkey might have to cop a vinyl when i get my cash up
Both discs are noisy to the point of being distracting at times, (i've had both discs cleaned on a VPI 16.5 which didn't really help) it's very noticeable on (At Your Best) You Are Love, Impietas, and Rushes. But, otherwise the songs are loud enough to drown it out. Funnily enough the background noise is pretty much gone on Higgs which is nice I guess.The sound quality itself is pretty much the same as the FLAC I found on Reddit (if anything the vinyl is a little worse) which is decent, nothing special but good enough.The cover and the disc etchings are cool, and i'm glad that it's only two sides because flipping the album every 10 minutes would get old quick.My love for this album overcomes the shortcomings of the pressing so overall i'm happy
over a hundred for sale, and every one of them is a ridiculous price. lol.
Ordering directly from Frank's shop ended up pretty pricey due to postage and customs so while most here are deffo over-priced, I think even the face value puts people off. It might be worth contacting the Blonded shop tho, my original order went missing in transit and they sent me another one not long ago.
Got my copy in Costa Rica, I still can't believe it.
Anyone in Brazil got a copy? I'm from São Paulo, still waiting.
I received mine in Campinas last week.. . . .
Nope. I'm in Campinas, and there have been no surprises on my mailbox until now.
deadly claw
Mine sounds fantastic, very little surface noise. The etching is cool and adds something unique to my collection. It took like six months to receive though.
Some people should invest in a new turntable since they seem to hear noise. as for how they received it, shrink wrap is known for curling corners. When viny is exposed to heat (especially when shipped) this can warp or affect your vinyl. Grateful this was pressed. Can't please them all. These were made to order so the delay was expected. Thanks Frankie frankocean - please keep the art devine by releasing these limited vinyl! Thanks!
I don't know if peeps are bumping this on their Crosleys' or what, but on my solid-but-not-too-special Technics 1200/Shure White Label setup, my copy sounds excellent. A couple paper scuffs, typical of brand new records in the 21st century, on an otherwise lovely pressing. International shipping packaging was solid, all items arrived in fine shape. Well worth the wait; Frank never disappoints.
I'm not okay with paper scuffs, but it is the reality of buying new records. Why poly inners/mofi sleeves are not industry standard is beyond me. All new records I buy suffer from paper scuffs the moment I take them out of the sleeve for the first time (Stones Throw, Warp, and 4AD/Harvest/Capitol are common examples of this). My pressing sounds bomb though. Guess I got lucky?
You shouldn't be ok with "a couple of paper scuffs." I'm not bumping this on my Crosley and it's easily the noisiest record I own.
I heard some pops and clicks at the beginning like others here, but I did not hear any over the music, which to my ears is crisp and clear. The double-sided etching is a bit novelty, but I don't believe it affects the music. In fact, I am relieved that the intro and outro from the digital release are not present on this album. It wasn't ever really Frank, anyway.
blac wolf
Anyone else pretty disappointed with this release? The vocals don't sound as raw. Were vocals re-recorded for this release? For example, Wither just sounds lifeless when compared to the original video album version.Also, my second record has scratches and came with a handprint on it? Unless that's Franks hand, what the hell like! For me the magic and lustre of the video album just isn't there. This shit sounds sanitised or something. Anyone else get the same vibe?
White gold
Nah i think it sounds great. Aside from a few ticks and pops on Higgs, the pressing sounds clean to me and i love the etchings
Rolling Flipper
I personally preferred the more distorted echoey sounds of the video album version of Wither. It's more spacious which completely suits the song. Shit was ethereal.
This doesn't sound as 'raw' because the video was basically a recording of the audio and not from the masters themselves. With Wither, it is clear he used really cheap equipment to record the vocals which I quite like because it sounds organic
Haven't seen any mention here but there are about 27-30k pressings according to this website.http://hitsdailydouble.com/news&id=311424
I totally agree. I bought a second "preservation" copy that I was thinking about selling off for fair market price just to get that average down, but honestly, I ain't gonna do that...
Wouldn't surprise me since I heard many people buying over 10 copies expecting to resell it like blond and then got screwed when sales lasted a week. Hope it screws over the resellers.
One reviewer gave “7/10”. I believe that’s a fair assessment - at least from my copy as well. A little poppy and crackly in areas but largely plays pretty clean - this is after an Okki Nokki cleaining. I have no idea what it sounds like without a proper cleaning. The jacket(s) - I ordered 2 copies - both came fine with no damage. There is a small bit of corner rounding but nothing significant. The copy I opened only has one small (~0.5”) split on one side of one of the inner sleeves. I have no idea about the copy I’m leaving sealed. The records have no warping. Overall, I’m happy. Plus, having an unopened copy means that I can, in reality, sell it and get the copy I keep for free and then some. A fine pressing, but certainly not flawless. Sounds great when running smoothly.
Sermak Light
Audio: 7/10 - Static, pops, and clicks really prominent in beginning of Side A and the end of Side B. It's pretty distracting on the first and last track, but fine on the rest.Presentation: 10/10 - The holographic art looks beautiful and the etches are really nice. A couple sides of the inner seams are split, but that's pretty minor compared to the restOverall: Though I like how the art and etchings look, I would easily give those away for a copy with 9/10 or 10/10 audio quality. This will do fine but it could have been so much better.
New remaster sounds really really good, polished, and detailed, and has more depth than the original digital version of the album. Would definitely recommend.
Great album, but record leaves a little to be desired. I like the etchings and the general presentation, but the inner sleeves were a little damaged, and the record has noticeable pops. The shipping delays didn't help things lol. On the whole, I'm happy with what I've received, but I feel it could have been even better.
i had creases at the top of the cover, p shitty considering how much they charged
Mine is out for delivery today (Virginia) (three more words)
Has anyone else not received a shipping notice yet? (Need more words)
Yup. From Lithuania. Still waiting for confirmation email. (Words words)
For anyone curious, not a perfect vinyl pressing. Pretty significant pops and static on both sides. But when none of that is present Frank sounds great.
I get a few loud ticks and pops on Higgs but the rest sounds great
I would go further and say that it's very noisy. Washed it and it's still noisy and crackles all over the place...
Did they really need to squish it all onto three sides just for the D side etching?
I honestly prefer it over having to switch a sub 40 minute album (especially one that's meant to flow as one continuous piece in the first place) every 8-9 minutes
it's actually only two sides (with two etchings) so even more squeezed lol
I've ordered the ENDLESS CD + DVD...have they shipped ?
Got mine today you should get yours soon ???? ????
They have, some who ordered the vinyl and the CD/DVD set have received them.
if some one wants to sell a cd name yo price, tho im not tryna be unreasonable
im assuming u tryna keep it above 75 yay a?
I've got a copy for you if still interested. Let me know
I need this to live pls god someone S E L L L
are you lookin for CD, vinyl, or vhs ? ?
Sendless(words words words words words words words words words words)
Anything?... Boyyy :/ I have a theory that this is just a coy to increase the price of the bootleg. Any news for me? I'm getting kinda fed up
the wait for the vinyl is ... endless. a ha ha ha
For anyone wondering where their vinyl copy is, this is the reply I just received from customer service:Unfortunately, there is still a delay with the ENDLESS VINYL that is beyond our control. We do not currently have an expected time-frame for when this will ship. Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience. As soon as we receive an update regarding your order, we'll be back in touch with you!Once our warehouse is able to fulfill your order, you will receive tracking information concerning your order!If you prefer to cancel your order before it ships, please let us know and we will take care of this for you.
Some transparency about the reason for the delay would be really helpful.
[email protected] words more words more words more words more words
I'm also still waiting on my Endless vinyl; almost five months without notice is a bit ridiculous. What is the email for the customer service?
For anyone wondering where their vinyl copy is, this is the reply I just received from customer service:Unfortunately, there is still a delay with the ENDLESS VINYL that is beyond our control. We do not currently have an expected time-frame for when this will ship. Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience. As soon as we receive an update regarding your order, we'll be back in touch with you!Once our warehouse is able to fulfill your order, you will receive tracking information concerning your order!If you prefer to cancel your order before it ships, please let us know and we will take care of this for you.
For anyone wondering where their vinyl copy is, this is the reply I just received from customer service:Unfortunately, there is still a delay with the ENDLESS VINYL that is beyond our control. We do not currently have an expected time-frame for when this will ship. Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience. As soon as we receive an update regarding your order, we'll be back in touch with you!Once our warehouse is able to fulfill your order, you will receive tracking information concerning your order!If you prefer to cancel your order before it ships, please let us know and we will take care of this for you.
Has anyone heard anything? I’m not sure wether or not to get the bootleg?
it's only just hitting the 8 weeks since the pre-order ended so I'd say only a couple more weeks
If you ordered the Black Friday version don't. be patient, it'll come. If you didn't, buy the Bootleg, the original won't be cheap second hand
Same, kinda worried this will end up like the Flower Boy vinyl
Anyone receive their vinyl copy yet? Wondering how long this will take
It's so easy
6-8 weeks it said. It’s only been over 4 week yet.
Welp this is basically useless now haha(ha ha ha... 10 words)
Frank just posted an official LP on his website. blonded.co
Is strange how some artists will not release their music on LPs, Frank Ocean is one of them. But there is always someone out there who is willing to press anything. This is a bootleg pressing from Europe, which is probably why the sound is so poor. Can easily be found at your local independent record store, is more oriented towards the collector.
Little Devil
Not that I want to buy it, but why was this blocked for sale? Tons of bootlegs are still available.
Where can I buy this??? I need a link please.
last time I checked, it still could be found at ebay
Just bought this new yesterday and the sound quality is not the best, I agree. There's some hiss noise and some tracks sound louder & clearer compared to tracks like "Slide on me" which unfortunately doesn't sound too good on this record (my favourite track though...)
I don't know, this guy is special. There is something in the way he deals with emotions and intensity which goes deeper. Hard to explain. There is his voice, true. But in the end its the weird way he composes and expresses himself. Playing with our expections all the time . That really is a wonderful quality. You will find incredible tracks here and everything could be wonderful, if the pressing wouldn't spoil it all ! Nearly!Noise and crackles and all that shit nobody wants. But there is still this music .
The unauthorized LP listing removed? OK Discogs 10 words must be entered
So the sound quality is not bad, but the pressing sucks, there's a lot of surface noise and since the album is not mastered properly (Since it's technically not a real album) the surface noise is very distracting and annoying since you have to turn the volume up a lot more than with a properly mastered album and thus hear the surface noise even more. I'm gonna bring this back to the record store where I bought it and exchange it for a different record.
Can someone please drop in here in & maybe speak a little about the sound quality? Scant info out there, dudes.
yeah, I?ve just received it. Surface noise in Side A is noticiable, and some songs have that strange cut between them, but I'm happy overall, this is a masterpiece and the noise matches with the lofi aesthetic haha. I think I'm gonna clean de vinyl when I have some time.
Also interested, keep us updated please ! This is my favourite frank release
There is vinyl bootleg popping up on eBay: http://www.ebay.de/usr/hhhh-2025?_trksid=p2056016.l2559 Also of "Blonde"
I like this more than "Blond" myself ¯_(ツ)_/¯ -- both are quite good